Geriatric Psychopharmacology
ACME accredited learning module for health professionals about medications used for mental health problems among the elderly.

Ethnic Elders Care Updates
our free on-line monthly newsletter.

Stanford Geriatric Education Center
Provides training modules on ethnogeriatric education for faculty, researchers and health care providers.


Memory Disorders Clinics


Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers of California (ARCCs).  This site has information on and links to the 10 California state funded ARCCs that are dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with Alzheimer’s disease through research, diagnosis, treatment, education and training.  Many of the ARCCs are recruiting ethnic minority elders with cognitive problems into treatment and research programs


Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute: The Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute is an academic center within the University of Wisconsin (UW). This site provides information about WAI programs and research studies at the UW.


Alzheimer’s Disease Centers (ADC).  The National Institute on Aging funds 30 ADCs at major medical institutions across the country.  The ADC offer diagnosis, medical management, information, referrals and opportunities to participate in drug trials and research projects.  To locate the ADC closest to you, go to: